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Frequently Asked Questions
Easy! Create an account using Facebook, Google or Linkedin. Once you had done that, complete the wizard with your nickname, cellphone, bank information and w9 form. That’s all for start selling and making real money!
If you are older than 18 years algo, that’s enough! Remember that if you like travelling, is a plus as you can share your own experiences with the travelers!

You can sell to anyone, friend, family or whoever. Remember you always need to guide them to get the takeabed APP so you can have their traveler ID and then you can share to them all the hotel options; they will book and the commission goes to you.

Version 2 is coming. In this version we will match profiles and will give you on-demand traveler requests just as Uber does with the rides and drivers.

You need to subscribe to our PRO Agents subscription. The cost is 50 USD per month, what you can easily recover in a single sale.
Your commissions will be paid 30 days after the checkout of the customer. Remember you can always track when you will have your next available payment from “Your Account” in the Agent App.
If the booking is changed, nothing happens. If the booking is cancelled, then you will not receive your commission.
When you complete your account details, you can apply to be a Local Expert . Basically, travelers from other parts of the world will contact you before travelling to the place where you live and will ask for local advises. You can sell them some activities or Transfers as well.
For the booking and payment, the final customer is the one who is responsable paying directly through the takeabed App. TAKEABED is responsable for the commission payment to you as an Agent.
Once you book with the Application and get the confirmation, that’s all. No need to reconfirm or call the hotel.
Activities and Transfers will be available for Local Experts soon. Also we are working hard to add flights soon.
When you Log-in into the traveler app you go to “Your Account” and select one or more preferences that you like when travelling! And that’s all.
TAKEABED system automatically matches relevant agent profiles according to your preferences; however, you can always use our filters to get the results more accurate. Moreover, you can search for Agents around you or at the destination you are going. If you have Facebook friends in common with the Agent we will indicate who.
This is about to be launch in v2 of takeabed. We will pay you for travelling! Stay tunned.
This is about to be launch in v2 of takeabed.
If you are face to face with an Agent, you can pay with your credit card and use the Agent app to process everything. However, you can always use your own mobile to pay any reservation. Remember we do not accept cash, never!
Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.
This will be available in v2.
This will be available in v2.
From your takeabed App open your reservation and click on the envelop icon in the right upper corner. This will open your email addressing our customer support service team.
In v2 we will launch our 24/7 customer support chat service. So far you can email us.
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