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How to Promote
Follow these steps to get customers
Know your Value

As a takeabed agent you can save customers 40-70% on over 1,000,000+ hotels and resorts worldwide.  Why would they want to book somewhere else if they have to pay more for the same hotel?


Knowing what you offer to customers will help you sell more hotels.

Know the Apps

We recommend getting to know the app. This will help you understand what you are promoting. Once you learn how the two takeabed apps work together, you will see the value of takeabed, your earnings and the potential savings you can save travelers. Promoting will become easy and you will get more bookings.


A great place to start is reading our “How it works” page

Start with your Circle

When starting out we recommend you start with the people you know. We all know someone who travels or friends who know people that travel. Starting with your circle will allow you to practice and convey the amazing deals you have to offer. Remember the greatest thing is that you can save your friends, family and network money… once they know that, they will start spreading the word.


*This isn’t an MLM*

Create content to Promote

Make content that tells everyone what you can do for them. This can be video, post or images. Just remember to be creative, you know your audience best so create content they will relate to and like.


Don’t have any design or creative skill? No Problem, use our Promo Package.


Download the Promo Package

Share your Value on Social Network

Once you have content you’re ready to start sharing takeabed to everyone. Post videos, write blogs, share your benefits as an agent with everyone you can. If you want to get bookings remember this… “The more you tell, the more you sell”


The chances of getting a booking are higher when you promote yourself. People want to save and since you can save them, they will want to book with you.

Generate Leads

Connect and network with the travel community. You can use forums, facebook groups, and local meetups to connect with people who travel.


*PRO TIP* Add your Travel Agent business to Google and Facebook.

Advertise your Business

You work for yourself so think of takeabed as your business. You can run ads to find more leads and target people searching for travel deals online. You can run ads on services like.


Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Google | Yelp


Call, email and do face to face connection with potential customers. Remember doing follow ups will help and don’t forget to ask for reviews on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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