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How it works
Getting started is easy, follow these steps
Download the takeabed agent app

Complete your profile or do it later.
Download Agent App

Promote yourself

Download our marketing package and
tell everyone about your amazing deals.


Download the Promo Package

Share the takeabed traveler app

Know someone who is traveling.

Send Traveler App

Search and Adjust

Before you share the hotel make sure you know your customers budget. You can adjust your commission to match their needs.

Send the hotels to travelers

You’ll need the travelers ID, ask your customer to download the takeabed app and share their ID on their profile.

When they book, you earn

When you or your customer completes the booking you earn a commission.

Pro Agents can earn 30% more.

How our two apps work together
make money with the agent-takeabed

Agent App

The selling tool

The takeabed agent app
lets you share, book and
sell wholesale hotels.

make money with takeabed-icon

Traveler App

The customer tool

The takeabed traveler
app lets your customer
pay, view reservations
and get support.

We pay-out 30 days after the check-out

Paypal or Direct Deposit if inside the US

How can we offer better pricing
and a great commission?

We go direct to the source and offer those rates to you as a private member

Better prices and higher commission

Hotel Price





Expensive hotel pricing and low commission

Hotel Price


  • Supplier
  • Consolidator
  • Tour Operator
  • Agency



Watch our videos

Share takeabed hotel bookings and make money.

Send hotel bookings direct to the Traveler app from the Agent app.

Select and share a hotel bookings with a travelers.

How to fill out employee forms in 1 min so you can start earning.

Search exclusive deals from over 1 million hotels.

Get 10% to 30% commissions from Freemium & Pro Agents Plans

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