10 Reasons travel agents love takeabed

Man lying in the armchair of his house resting and using the takeabed application from his cell phone. You are about to book a hotel in Miami Beach and share your experience with friends to earn money.

What would you do if you find a tool or service that could make your job easier? Moreover, you could improve your selling service at the same time. I guess you would say: Go for it! Right?

What would you do if you find a tool or service that could make your job easier? Moreover, you could improve your selling service at the same time. I guess you would say: Go for it! Right?

Here, you will find the most important reasons why Travel Agents choose takeabed to offer better service to clients and increase their earnings.

10 Reasons Travel Agents Love takeabed

1. Affordable Membership

Travel Agents look for quality and reasonable prices when they want to offer more benefits to their customers. That is why they choose us. PLUS membership pays for itself! What does it mean? With just one booking, the membership fee is covered.

They don’t need to invest a considerable amount of money (which is quite common in this type of businesses today) in improving the quality of their service by offering better hotel prices.

2. Exclusive Rates and Deals

Being a PLUS member gives Travel Agents access to exclusive rates and deals that will definitely improve their earnings. You might be thinking: why is this so important?

In this way, Travel Agents can offer lower prices for the hotel’s rooms and resorts all over the world. Who wouldn’t love it? Customers find the place they want at a great price!

3. Adjustable Earnings

Each Travel Agent has full control over their commissions, which means they can adjust their earnings for every single booking. More precisely, they can increase a commission up to 30% or decrease it to 0% to provide better rates.

How does it work? By adjusting their earnings, Travel Agents can beat the market price to fit the customers’ budget so they can get the best price possible. Happy ending for everyone! 

4. Full Commission

We believe that Travel Agents deserves to be paid accordingly to their hard work, that is why we pay a full commission over the total price!

It is not about earning a commission of a commission but getting a 100% of what they earn from each booking. No tricks, no complicated processes.

5. No Commitments

Besides all the benefits explained so far, Travel Agents like the idea of not having paperwork or contract to sign, no commitment implied.

They become members by creating an account and joining PLUS membership. After that, they are ready to start recommending and earning with takeabed.

6. Secure Payment

Having a safe and fast payment method is fundamental for everyone and especially for Travel Agents because they need to keep their business profitable by making sure that they will get earnings on time.

takeabed offers different payment options such as direct deposit, Paypal, and Zelle to make each transaction clear and in 30 days after checkout. They know exactly when they are paid and how much they will get. Confidence is key to continue a good relationship.

7. No Quotas

As there is no minimum or requirement to meet, Travel Agents can work in their own pace, control, and regulate how they want to run their business using takeabed as an ally.

Being in control and with no requirements to achieve, make each one feel empowered, knowing that the job is up to them and they can earn and recommend as much as needed. Who doesn’t like working like this?

8. Unlimited Earning Potential

Besides, having no quotas, the earning potential they have is limitless. That is to say; they can project how much they want to earn and how they plan to do it.

We want Travel Agents to succeed in what they do best and help them to improve and offer a better service. By booking a hotel through us, they can guarantee that and monetize each booking to increase their earnings. 

9. No Liability

As much as Travel Agents love their work, it can be stressful when dealing with many things at the same time. This is the reason why we handle things after each booking.

In this way, they can dedicate their whole attention to customers by helping them plan different types of trips, and we give them a hand while assisting them in offering a better service and solving any inconvenient someone might have.

They trust we can help and make the job easier for them. Sounds good. Don’t you think?

10. Educational Support Available

Last but not least, takeabed provides lots of educational material to help Travel Agents build a better understanding and usage of the app and takeabed service.

We offer tutorials, webinars, and one-on-one training calls to show how the app works and to answer any doubt our PLUS members could have.

We want Travel Agents to succeed by doing what they like and know. Offering a complete and excellent service is essential to make customers happy and keep the business profitable. takeabed is there in each step of their way to make that happen. We provide all the possible benefits to improve Travel Agents businesses; hotels all over the world, an easy-to-use app, service support, educational material, and so on.

Travel Agents know we are here for them whenever they need us… our staff of professionals is always willing to help and give tips and advice to make the best of the app.

You can be part of this community today! Join us and discover all the benefits you can have as Travel Agent with takeabed.