8 Reasons Why You Should Join takeabed

Funny young woman wearing hat and walking in the sun. He is using the takeabed application on his cell phone, looking for cheap hotels to travel.

At takeabed, we believe that your knowledge and experience are valuable. What if I tell you, you can monetize them?

Let me explain a little more…

You can use what you know about hotels, destinations and, equally important, what people ask you to look for, to recommend the best hotel choice for them. When a person books the hotel you recommended, you earn a commission!

Probably, you think that it can’t be so easy, there might be a catch that I might reveal soon. However, there is no catch, trick or complicated process. Trust me… It is that easy!

We believe in you, in what you have to offer and, that’s why we want to help you earn money. But if you’re still in doubt, I’ll give you eight reasons why you should join us.

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1. You Have Financial Freedom

The 21st Century dream! Who doesn’t want to be financially free? I do! Here is your chance to make it real. You can finally achieve all your goals and live your life as you want.

You can earn money while helping people find the right accommodation. How’s that? When they book your hotel recommendation, you earn.

You can be financially free, manage your time and earn money while helping people find the best place for them to stay during their trips by just recommending a hotel or resort.

Remember what I said before?…. It is easy.

2. You Are in Complete Control

Are you tired of your boss telling you what and when to do things? With takeabed, you control when and where you want to work. Your commitment is up to you. No boss, no schedule. You decide how to run your business.

This is the perfect opportunity to work and have time on your own to do those things you have been procrastinating because of lack of time. With us, you can control every aspect of your work including who you want to recommend a hotel to.

Take a chance and start enjoying what it is like to be in charge of your work and money.  You won’t regret it!

3. You Have Access to Exclusive Rates and Deals

Because you are part of our community, you’ll have access to better rates (You can compare them with different sites to check that what I’m telling is the truth! Always!) which you can use to earn more money.

We want you to have the best rates so you can offer excellent prices to your customers and get more people to book through you.

Are we the best?! Haha but that is not what it is about… we want to help you improve your earnings by providing excellent and affordable prices for everyone. Your customers win, and so you win!

4. You Don’t Need to Be a Professional

You don’t need a certification or license to join us. Your knowledge and experience are more than enough for you to start sending recommendations. People will come to you because you had been in their places before. You surely struggled to get the best place when you traveled, so you know how time-consuming and exciting it is.

You already have the most powerful tool, your knowledge. Now it is time to monetize it with us. Let takeabed help you do that! Are you ready?

5. It’s Easy & Safe for Everyone

I’ve told you many times before that monetizing your knowledge is easy with takeabed. But I didn’t tell you that it is also safe not just for you but to your customers, too.

All you have to do is search for a place to recommend and share the recommendation link to your customer through your preferred way to communicate, it’s as simple as sending a text message. Don’t you think?

Use the app to search for a place based on location (use the map to find a beautiful area), name or, maybe, someplace you know about. Match what you found with your customer’s requests and send a recommendation link. Then… boom! They book, you earn money!

6. We Are Here For You

Although you have complete control of your work, we are here for you; you don’t have to do everything on your own!

After the hotel your recommend is booked, we provide customer support. Hence you don’t have to worry, and you can use that time to keep on recommending. We won’t let you down! That’s a promise!

7. We Want to See You Succeed

For us, it is a great pleasure to offer you everything we know to help you grow your business. We make sure each of the members in the takeabed community feels comfortable, respected and accompanied.

Whenever you have a question, problem or doubt contact us so we can guide you right away. Besides, you can always be informed through our blog, tutorials, and emails. We’ll keep you updated to make your experience with us better every day.

We’re a little emotional; your success is our success!

8. You Can Become an Expert

If you want to go a bit further, you can become a takeabed expert. Wow! Yes, everyone can do it!

And, of course, we can help you achieve that by guiding you to improve your sales thought some marketing ideas to make the most of the app and recommendations. We can show you how to communicate with your customers to offer your service without any inconvenience.

Ready for this challenge?

Explore all the benefits takeabed has for you, trust that you have what it takes to be financially free and able to control your work. Your knowledge will help you improve your sales and earn money.

We’ re always willing to advise and guide you because we want to see you succeed. Don’t miss the opportunity to monetize your knowledge and experience with takeabed. Join us today and start earning with us.

Thank you for reading!