Benefits of using takeabed for agents and agencies

Planning a trip is always a significant challenge. People come to you with expectations, illusions, and dreams. They wish to get a dream holiday, the best experience of their life, and everything should be perfect.

To make their dreams come true, you should plan carefully, check every detail and security to make sure your customer enjoys their trip without any problems. You and your team share the same goals; to provide the best travel service possible to help your clients get what they asked for. 

Your compromise and assessment have great value when people start planning their trip. The destination, accommodation, paperwork, and other considerations such as suggestions, weather conditions, clothing, are a big part of this valuable information you can provide to make their experience unforgettable.

People choose you when they want to travel because of your expertise, you can assess which accommodation might suit them better, you can give them a personalized experience and save your customers valuable time. What if you could even offer them cheaper hotel rates? Cheaper than any other online travel agency and still making higher commissions than ever before.

What are the benefits of using takeabed? 


1. Highest Commission in the Market


In the United States the maximum commission paid to travel agents is 13% and only for those producing above 100,000k/year. With takeabed for Travel Agents, your maximum base commission is 15% and you could reach a maximum base commission of 20% when becoming a top producer. 

2. Adjustable Earnings


With a patented technology, when using takeabed’s platform you can control your commission by adjusting your earnings to offer better prices and fit your customer’s budget. You can increase your commission up to 15% or decrease to 0% for each booking.

3. Exclusive Rates & Deals


We have partnered with hotel chains and hotel bed bankers so you don’t have to worry about it. Our platform takes into consideration many variables before showing you the best price. Our strong international presence give us leverage to get the best rates in the market for you to be competitive against any OTA (Online Travel Agency) and still make a great commission. 

4. Fast and Secure Payments 


By using our platform client’s don’t need to share credit card details over the phone as you will send your quotes remotely and they can book from wherever they are. That’s correct, you will send them your recommendations and they book directly from the like you sent them. In this way, your clients will be able to evaluate all the options you proposed, and after that, they can book the one they find appropriate securely from the comfy of their home. 

5. Full Commission 


Earn a full commission; not a commission of a commission. By using the takeabed platform you will be able to earn a commission over the total price.

6. No start up costs or hidden fees. 

Using takeabed has $0 start up costs or maintenance fees . We make money when you do. We show you the prices with margin already included. 

7. Customer Support

We are client and customer obsessed. With that in mind is how we run our business. With takeabed, you don’t have to worry about anything else than doing what you do best: sell a dream trip to your customers. 


Have you thought about it? 


The technological advances and the use of the internet have allowed people to get access to a lot of information. The researching process is a step that almost everyone is able to do today. But finding the right accommodation for your customer is not that simple.  

You will have to consider many aspects and requirements to satisfy their needs. You will have to search, compare and evaluate different options and rates before sending possible hotel rooms to your clients.

With us, that process will be a lot easier. We help you find the best hotel room according to your clients’ expectations, offer them competitive prices and great deals so they can save time and money. Moreover, you will be able to adjust your commission to earn money or to fit their budget. And you can do all this by sending the customers a secure link where they can book the hotel room directly.

We hope you can join us and start enjoying the benefits immediately. Let us help you improve your service while increasing your earnings. Boost your business with takeabed.

Contact us if you have any questions, or visit our website to learn more about takeabed

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