How we help you make recommendations

Worker man sitting in the park using the computer and cell phone. You are getting a cheaper hotel using the takeabed application. Get cheaper rates to book hotels.
The first thing you need to know about takeabed is that you don’t have to be a travel expert to make hotel recommendations. It’s also not a requirement for you to stay in the hotels you recommend. takeabed is about peer-to-peer recommendations, the human touch you can give to your customers. Below is a list of things we put together that will help you make great recommendations.

Tools and Information

We designed takeabed to give you the tools and information you need to help make great recommendations.

Adjustable Earnings

This feature is the most powerful tool that allows you to control the amount of commission percentage you’ll earn for this sale. Why is this a powerful tool? It lets you match the final booking price to your customers budget. While still earning you a commission.

Google Ratings & Reviews

Google powers our hotel reviews. This gives you real information from others who have reviewed that hotel on google.

Deal Tags

We have created 4 specific tags that help make the recommendation process easier.

  • Recommended.
  • Hot Deal.
  • Exclusive.
  • Affordable.

Watch this tutorial video on deal tags to learn more about deal tags: Click Here.
Please note that some of these deals tags and adjustable earnings are only available with takeabed PLUS as an advantage to making recommendations and having exclusive rates.

Local Knowledge

As a local, you have great insight into the area you live or have already traveled. Things like where to eat, what activities to do, and what’s worth skipping. This insight is precious to travelers and now monetizable for people looking to travel to your area. By helping these travelers book their hotels, you can help them stay in the area that is best for their travel purpose. Are they attending an event for business or leisure? Do they need to be by special landmarks? Your local knowledge will help you find the perfect hotel for them to book. Tip: If a customer needs to stay in a specific part of town or close a landmark, it’s easiest to use our map feature. This will help you find hotels in a special area.

Research & Communication

If you’ve never been to a location someone is asking you to book. The best action you can take is research and communication. Be sure you communicate and understand the travelers needs so you can ensure what you recommend will be the right choice. Search google to look for activities to do in the area and communicate what you recommend them to do based on their communications Remember: you also have the Google Reviews, Amenities, Filters and Deal Tags to help you make the right recommendation.

Real Travel Experience

As mentioned above if you haven’t been there, you can still make a recommendation. However, If you have been in the place then, the recommendation will be more powerful and personal. You can advise on what things they should and shouldn’t do. You’re speaking through experience, and this makes your recommendation more powerful.

Personal Knowledge

When you recommend to people you know, you have personal knowledge of that individual’s budget, concerns, requirements, and lifestyle. This will help you make good recommendations because you can match the hotel to their needs. When it comes to matching a budget, we recommend that you join takeabed PLUS, so you have access to exclusive rates, cheaper hotels, and adjustable earnings.