Welcome to Portals

Unique hotel travel benefits for your members or organization employees

  • Members can save up to 70% on hotel bookings
  • No cost to implement
  • Save money on corporate travel
  • New revenue stream
  • Drive membership through an additional membership value
  • Attract new talent with a unique employee benefit
  • Increase member or employee retention rates
  • Increase member engagement
  • Customer support

Why Portals offer such deeply discounted rates to their members?

Our rates are “unpublished rates” as we offer them through our secured platform and they can only be viewed or book by registered users. The popular travel websites can only offer a “retail” price that’s provided by each hotel to assure a consistent price under a practice called “rate parity”. Because Portals is a “members only” user community, it’s able to offer wholesale rates because it’s a closed user group and not subject to “rate parity”.

Young executive woman on the street using the cell phone to book a hotel in the takeabed application. Then he will share the link with his friends to earn money.
How it works?
Deeply discounted travel made easy in 3 steps
Step 1: Searching Hotels
Members can pick any option from over 800,000 hotel and resorts world wide. They will just need to enter the destination and travel dates.
Step 2: Book with Confidence
After founding the perfect hotel or resort, select the room, check the rate and continue to the booking page; where your hotel reservation can be confirmed.
Step 3: Members Enjoy the Trip!
You’re good to go! All you have left is to enjoy your trip. Check in and enjoy everything that comes with the property you’ve chosen to fulfill your perfect travel needs.

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