Top 10 Destinations to Travel in 2019

Hotel in Maldives. Cabins on the crystalline ocean. A paradise on earth. The water is transparent, the fish can be seen swimming. There are no people in the photo, only the hotel, the ocean, the sun and nature.

Recently, I was trying to plan my next trip, and I found myself at the lost. Because I love traveling, I have a long list of travel destinations but Which one to visit this year?

I needed to narrow the list down to places that I could consider for this year, so I designed a top 10 travel destinations list for 2019 (By the way, I love making lists!)

If you are in the same decision-making process, here, I will share with you my list to get you inspired. I’m going to tell you why these places are top 10 (for me of course!) what to expect from them and maybe… haha, some other tips for your excitement.

Spoiler alert!! I might want to visit some of these sites for emotional purposes. Please excuse me if I shed some tears.

Top 10 Destinations to Travel in 2019

1. Dominica

Here comes my first emotional moment. Dominica is a small island in the Caribbean. From the sky, it seems you are heading the middle of the jungle. Incredible!


This island was introduced to me by a Literature teacher I had many years ago (well, not many… I´m not that old) Anyways, she visited this island in several opportunities, and whenever she talked about it, you could see how her face illuminated and how passionate she was about it. She has discovered a whole new world in that small piece of land. I think everyone in the class fell in love with it by just listening to her.


The main feature of Dominica is its dominating nature. I was told that the air smells like gum trees and it is quite humid which gives you the sensation of being in a spa.


Dominica is excellent for hiking – Many of hikes are straight up the cliffs through the jungle. They are worthy because afterward, you will have one of the most rewarding moments… you can swim under a 200-foot waterfall in a crystal-clear river, with no people around.

If you expect sandy beaches and cocktails like any other place in the Caribbean, so sorry to disappoint you but this is not the right place. But if you are looking for tropical wildness and inspiring appreciation of nature, this is one of the most incredible places in the world.

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I came across Kuala Lumpur when following one of my favorite influencers @marinaescribe (in Spanish). She lived there for a couple of years when she was young, and she can’t stop mentioning Malaysia in her posts or stories.


Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, and as such it has a significant influence on world culture. If you like mixing with people from different origins and enjoying the local food, buildings, and nightlife, this place is THE BEST option (I don´t think ‘the best’ is emphasis enough)


Culture plus preservation are essential in this cosmopolitan city; you will be able to see natural and humanmade landmarks such as Batu Caves or Petronas Towers and Menara KL Tower. Its important markets, restaurants, and Chinatown invite you to try new dishes absorbing most of Kuala Lumpur’s best attractions.

3. Cebu, Philippines

Why visiting Cebu? It is the Philippines n°1 most visited tourist destination due to its location in the Central Philippines. It´s called the “Queen City of the South.”

What I found interesting about Cebu is that you have a means of transport to all places you want to go. You can visit the old Spanish-colonial heritage sites, beaches and waterfalls (I must say they are the main attractions of the Philippines) throughout the province and nearby islands.

The city combines the 21st-century modernity with an older aspect given by churches, ancient museums which are lined in Calle Colon and food spots in Fuente Osmeña street.

-Tip: you can´t leave the place without trying its local cuisine like Cebu Lechon.

It is so great that in just one place you can find a mixture of architectures (modern and old), local and foreign cuisine, languages, etc. I want to be there right now, enjoying and being soaked up by all Cebu promises.

4. Shenzhen, China

For Shenzhen, I don’t have an emotional connection (yet), but I am curious about its growth and development.

If you look for a big city full of people, here you are! Shenzhen is a mega-city of over ten million. However, it is just 30 years old. How is it possible? It seems that it´s developed at a fast pace. I found it surprising that Shenzhen is known for multiple reasons:

-Modern architecture (hypermodern).

-Shopping destination.

-Cultural variety: museums, burgeoning art district, etc.

-Urban villages.

-Music and entertainment.

A city with all these points of attraction should be in your bucket list as well. Don´t you think?

5. Vancouver, Canada

Why is Vancouver in my list? Well, it caught my attention when I found out some celebrities who were born here: Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bublé, Kristin Kreuk and the twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott and so many others.

I did a bit of research, and I came across this beautiful city that anyone should visit. It is compared to all the major cities like New York, London, Hong Kong but with a natural potential that should be explored. Its stunning natural characterizes for its huge mountain and turquoise glacial lakes as well as its Pacific coastline.

Vancouver is also very popular because of its people. Vancouverites are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Plus, the city receives immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Germany, England, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, and Greece. Quite a diversity. Right?

6. Maldives

One of my favorites! I cannot wait to visit it. What can I say about the out-of-the-world- place? Just by a photo, your breath can be taken away… imagine being there! A dreamed place.

The Maldives not only offers relaxation and peace, but you can also have an incredible adventure if you dare swimming with sharks. (Ok, that is not what I plan to do… just the beach, sun, and water for me, thanks).

Maybe, I could take a bit of a risk and explore the water sports which seems to be quite entertaining. You can also visit the architectural heritage like The Malé and suburbs to mingle with the locals.

This is a destination that I want to visit right away, and it is a must on any list!

7. South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand was one of the latest additions in my list. I met a colleague recently who is from this island, and I got goosebumps when she talked about it so passionately. What do you think I did? Haha, You are right! I googled it, and to my surprise, I found such lovely pics and lots of things to do that I couldn´t resist.

What most people like about South Island is its breathtaking natural landscape which invites you to stay outdoors as much as you can. You can explore the glaciers area by helicopter or watch local wildlife such as whales and penguins. Others prefer taking tours to the wineries region and stargazing on the top of Mount Cook. And for those adventurous people, the island has lakes and parks which are ideal to kayaking, sailing, hiking, and biking to contemplate every bit of New Zealand’s nature.

Do you agree with me now?

8. Machu Picchu, Perú

It is a gem in America. Millions of people visit it every year attracted by its imponent nature and structure. It is said it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and experience.

I have this idea that you might feel like you are so close to the sky and as it is so green and beautiful, you can find peace up there. How is it possible this magnificent place still exists after such a long time?

Although most travelers dare to do the four-day hike along the Inca Trail to be awarded the fantastic view of this World Heritage place (UNESCO) if you are not one of them (like me!) you can still hop on a train from Cusco to the mountain base to enjoy this impressive site.

Will I dare and hike for four days?….. who knows! Maybe.

I am almost finishing my list, two more to go and that’s it. But I need to tell you something before I go on. The next two places are special for me; they are chosen because they are or were important to someone else. So, yes emotional peak here!!

Why did I leave them to the very end?…. “The best for the end” Am I right?

9. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is one of the 1st cities added to the list (if It wasn´t the 1st). I did not add it somebody else did, and as he is a person, I love so much I hope we can go together. (I would tell you who HE is, but he doesn’t want to be famous, haha, sorry, let’s keep it as ´HE’).

He says that the Pyramids are his priority, but there are lots of other things to discover in Cairo. As it is the largest metropolis in the Arab World, you can enjoy it due to several reasons:

– It’s history. Pyramids are found in the desert. The must-visit ones are the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Khufu, Queens Pyramids of Giza and the Pyramid of Menkaure. What is more, you’ll probably want to visit the Sphinx of Giza.

Tip: to avoid huge crowds, it is recommended to visit the pyramids and the sphinx early in the morning.

-Its culture- Arab culture. You can experience and learn from their cuisine, hospitality, arts, and lifestyles. Locals always welcome tourists and visitors happily.

-The Nile River– Guided tours and tours and cruises are available for those who want to sail the waters of the longest river in the world.

-Wildlife Around 100 mammal species are found in Egypt; you´ll surely see some unique animals.

Once HE asked me “How cool It will be to live a pharaonic experience going back in time?” … and after thinking it through, I said: “I won’t miss it.”


10. Vis, Croatia

Did you know that Vis was the setting of Mamma Mia 2? Was this the reason it is in my list??…… maybe, but no!


It is here because of my grandpa. He was born in Vis, and even he didn’t talk about it (or I never heard him speak Croatian), his brother was the one who opened to doors to Vis for me my family a few years ago. (As I said “emotional peak here!)

Let me tell you, what is so fantastic about the island. It was closed to foreigners when it was Yugoslavia (when my grandpa was born) because of it as a naval base which was used as an Allied Forces during the WWII, and it was opened in 1989. The reason why today tourists visit it is to “try something different” as a peaceful and relaxing break.

Visitors state that Vis is like “Greece designed by the Dutch: mellow but practical and efficient.” As it is not big, it might take you 15 min to drive from Vis town to the main hub of Komiza.

Vis offers beautiful beaches, 17th-century architecture and great seafood restaurants. Moreover, you can visit it to find the most exclusive wines in Croatia which are produced on the island, such as Plavac and Vugava. It’s easy to see why it was chosen as Mamma Mia 2 location. Not a bad choice ha?

I promised my grandpa, I will be there someday and I´ll enjoy it as he did when he was just a child.


Thank you for reading!