Top 10 things to do in Miami

Aerial view of the Miami Beach beach. You can see the hotels, their pools, the white sand and the blue sea.

Miami is a multicultural city; it gathers people from all around the world because of its beautiful beaches, different types of music, shopping opportunities and a variety of things to do. It´s a lively and full of movement place which can impress anyone who visits it.

What else does Miami offer? Here, you´ll find ten things you can also do in Miami from outdoor activities to connect with nature to art, culture, and cuisine.

Top 10 Things to Do in Miami

1. Walk around the Palace of Fine Arts

Miami has one of the most popular ports in the world. The Port of Miami offers lots of nearby attractions to explore on a cruise. No matter if you have only some hours to spare, check all the possible trips you can do on a cruise which sail on the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are planning a short visit to Miami, you should look into a tour because you cannot miss the cruise experience.

2. Practice Water Sports

If a cruise is not what you are looking for because you are an adventurous person, you can try some water sports.

Its beaches are not just to sunbathe and swim! There is a wide variety of activities to check out; you can go kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing. Alternatively, you can take lessons on windsurfing or parasailing lessons. Cool!

3. Visit the Florida Keys

What are the Keys? They are a string of large coral islands which start 15 miles from the south of Miami and ends near Cuba. It is fantastic to enjoy an island to yourself and spend a whole day there. What a pleasure!

It would be best if you visited significant places like Key West, Lower Keys, Marathon, Islamorada, and Key Largo. Besides, they offer outdoor artistry, festivals, museums, to galleries and visual arts.

4. Visit the Everglades

Right outside Miami, you can find the Everglades, the tropical wetlands in the south of Florida. It is the home of a lot of rare and endangered species like the manatee, American crocodile and Florida panther.

– Be careful! This is not a place for swimmers; you might not want to come across a crocodile.

At the Everglades, you´ll be able to enjoy a beautiful place to observe nature, see an alligators´shown where you may learn how to handle or catch these swamp creatures. Plus, you can also see some caimans and snakes.

Animals lovers, the Everglades is ideal for you!

5. Jungle Island

The Jungle Island, also known as the Parrot Jungle, is the perfect activity for the little ones. It is a beautiful and accessible place where children are introduced to tropical birds in a natural environment (very close to their natural habitat)

There is a Monkey Jungle as well which is a great destination to enjoy nature. As they say “ where humans are caged, and monkeys run wild!” 

What if you are not a nature fun? No worries, I´ll help you with that!. Here, you have some other options to explore the culture, art and local places.

6. Wynwood

Miami is influenced by contemporary art. One of the most famous places to enjoy street art in Wynwood. This art district is filled with cool art, bars, and restaurants which are open late and shops. You might experience an atmosphere of creativity and joy.

Tip: if you have the change of being around the 2nd Saturday of the month, that would be the perfect opportunity to visit the district. Galleries stay open late and food trucks are placed along the street for visitors to enjoy a good meal while wandering around.

Ready to learn about Contemporary art? Miami is what you´re looking for.

7. Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Like Architecture? Then, the Vizcaya on Biscayne Bay is a must in your list of things to do in Miami.

It was owned by James Deering until 1953 when it was opened to the public as a Museum. You can appreciate a 180-acre landscape with lovely gardens (designed by Diago Suarez), a lagoon, fountains, and statues. You might feel transported to the past by its architecture, as they portray elegance, beauty. Super nice!

8. Discover Miami´s Nightlife

There is a new night world ready to be exported in Miami. Full of sparky clubs that are considered among the best places to party worldwide. If you look carefully, you might meet some celebrities!

Top DJs are booked from Thursday to Sunday to play the best sets of hip hop and house to South Beach. However, for those who look for something more low key, the city offers luxe lounges and hotel bars every day.

9. Walk Lincoln Road

It is said that Lincoln Road is where Miami comes together,” why? Because you have many options to do: you can shop in one of the 200 designer boutiques, local merchants or national retail stores. Or you can choose a nice restaurant or bar to enjoy a lovely meal. Moreover, if you like entertainment, the Colony Theatre, the New World Center concert hall, the Regal Cinema, and ArtCenter/South Florida are fantastic for you to enjoy

10. Taste the Cuisine

Last but not less important, the cuisine. There are more than 150 ethnicities who live together in Miami, so you´ll not be surprised to find food diversity in the city´s dining. From fresh sushi to Caribbean jerk chicken, some traditional Spanish taps and American burgers.

However, restaurants are not the only fare worth tasting. In the streets, you might find vendors who serve some excellent food like crispy empanadas or curried chicken. Also, There are some corner cafés which offer Cuban coffee and pastelitos. Worth to try!

Don´t you know where to start? I thought so. Miami is much more than beaches and shopping, Go to Miami and explore all the different options it has to offer, enjoy as much as you can this lovely place, learn at museums, eat delicious food… also, of course, get the best tan at the beach.

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Finally, I want to share with you what came to my mind when thinking about Miami. I remembered this song that I heard when I was a child “Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami.” Have you heard it? This is Will Smith. I can´t stop singing it in my head.

Watch the video here:

You know what? Have a look at the lyrics. In the ´90 he talked about how multicultural Miami was. This is something still present in this city.